$JAS Coin

What is $JAS Coin?

Think of holding $JAS coin as the Virtual Jas Club arcade. By participating in the community, you have a chance to earn coins, which is similar to winning tickets for playing games at an arcade. $JAS coins can used for perks such as merch, exclusive game nights, zoom calls, giveaways, etc. If you’ve ever used Twitch, these are similar to channel points but in real life!

Benefits of Holding $JAS Coin

$JAS Coin is designed to foster and grow the community around my work in AR/VR, Metaverse & web3. $JAS coin holders with get special roles in Discord based on the number of coins they’re holding, along with access to exclusive monthly discord calls where you can learn the latest about the industry and meet other enthusiasts. 

In addition, every coin holder will benefit from Rally weekly creator rewards. $RLY rewards are based on how much $JAS is in your wallet, so the longer you hold your coins, the better for everyone!

How To Get $JAS

Step 1: Claim your FIRST COIN FREE here

Step 2: Visit the $JAS coin rally page to see what benefits you can get and what you can trade for!

Step 3:  Once you own $JAS, first link your Discord to your Rally.io account, then visit the Virtual JAS Club Discord and type “/join” in the #coin-commands channel to get access.

Step 4: (Optional) Purchase additional coins to show your support and help grow the community.

Step 5: Be on the lookout for ways to earn $JAS. I’ll start posting limited drops in my YouTube videos, Instagram posts, Discord channels–wherever! First people to spot them will be able to claim. Make sure to enable notifications on my platforms so you don’t miss a coin claim opportunity.


Yes it is! $JAS is powered by Rally which runs on a sidechain to the Ethereum mainnet. This makes it possible to swap $JAS for Rally tokens ($RLY), the Rally Network’s default ERC-20 token, and then convert that into any other cryptocurrency (like $ETH) or standard fiat currency (USD).

Yes. $JAS fluctuates based on the supply and demand of the coin, just like any other real world or digital asset. Hodl. Always Hodl.

Yes. As the creator, I will be granted an allocation to use at my discretion. There is a period of time that it will take me to vest that allotment. This is the most exciting part for me as I get to gift coins to people for making the community so awesome! I’m so excited to give back <3

No, absolutely not! I quit a fruitful career in tech working for the top companies in the world to pursue content creation and building a community full time. If I cared about money, I would’ve stayed in tech. I created this coin to help foster a stronger sense of community and so that I can give back to everyone who interacts with me and my content and fills my heart with so much happiness.